The TFP DPHU-50 is a high powered and versatile power-pack designed to meet the needs of modern mining equipment maintenance.

Available in single, dual or triple circuit configuration to allow movement of up to 3 actuators in one setup, such as excavator bucket changes

High quality components are carefully chosen and assembled under ISO 9001 QA. All TFP PowerPacks are Australian manufactured and supported. Operators manual are supplied and SOPs can be developed for specific tasks at additional cost.



  • Shovel or excavator air-con system

  • Shovel or excavator grease system

  • Shovel or excavator slew system (for car body alignment)

  • Lift the attachment of an out of service machine

  • Pressurise the parking brake system for dump trucks and tracked machines (for the towing of broken down machines)

  • Control boom, stick  and crowd movement for excavator or shovel bucket changes

  • Cordless pendant allows single operator to safely  align bucket and cylinder pins

Installation kits to suit specific machines can be developed to suit customer needs



  • CAT C2.2 four cylinder water-cooled diesel engine - 38kW (51HP)

  • Rexroth 45cc/rev variable displacement piston pump

  • Max flow of 135 litres/minute, Max pressure 240bar

  • 280 litre hydraulic oil tank with sight glass and low/high oil alarm options

  • 120 litre diesel tank with sight glass

  • 110% self-bunded option is available

  • Crane standard, cordless pendant controls with integral dual ‘dead-man’ safety switches , separate emergency stop, shoulder strap, 2 batteries and Charger

  • Single or dual or triple circuit models with safety interlock and counter-balance available

  • Additional emergency stop on main unit

  • Electronic engine control with digital readout for safety and efficiency

  • Electronic proportional power control for maximum efficiency and precise movement control

  • Dual padlock type battery isolators for safe service and maintenance

  • Full-flow hydraulic filtration system to prevent contamination of host machine systems

  • Full-flow hydraulic cooling system to allow continuous operation at high load if required

  • Large fuel tank allows for a full 12 hour shift operation without re-fuelling

  • 280 litre hydraulic tank allows for use on large cylinders, For example, 2 x 300mm diameter cylinders  could be extended 1.5 metres each without refill. Larger capacity tank (to 500 litres) is available at additional cost for larger machines

  • Power-Tilt Reel Cabinet with full flow, high pressure dual reels (pressure and return on each reel) and ISO 16028 flat face hydraulic quick coupler kit available

  • Optional low and high oil level alarms and switching prevent both the pump running dry and spills caused by accidental over-filling of the tank with return oil flow

  • Digital pressure readout on pendants allow operators to be aware of load levels

  • Optional alternate remote control for continuous supply to suit hydraulic motor drive systems such as Air Con drive or Grease System

Installation kits to suit specific machines can be developed to suit customer needs