Hydraulic Shovels and Excavators

  • Assembly and disassembly of new or used machines during transport and commissioning operations

  • Scheduled and unscheduled bucket changeouts. This includes the ability to remove a failed bucket whilst in the pit or from a broken down machine.

  • Scheduled and unscheduled cylinder replacements.

  • Scheduled and unscheduled boom or stick replacements

  • Operation of the tracks and track brakes to move a broken down or crashed machine (e.g. engine or hydraulic failure) to a safe area for repair work

  • Operation of the swing system and swing brakes, extending the capability mentioned above, when changing buckets or moving a failed or crashed machine.

  • Operation of both the track systems and the swing systems in the case of separation of the upper structure and undercarriage, for example when changing a slew bearing. The HPU can both walk the undercarriage in an out from under the upper structure, and can operate the swing motors individually (whilst holding the remainder still with the individual swing brakes) to align the swing gears, (currently a problem operation)

  • Operation of a single track drive and brake (whilst leaving the remaining drive isolated and park brake applied) to facilitate changing out tracks, changing or tightening grouser plates etc.. This can be done with only one side of the machine jacked for safety, effectively eliminating unwanted/unexpected movement of the track still on the ground.

  • Walk the entire machine from one set of tracks to a replacement set of tracks, when changing one or both tracks by that method.

  • Operate the air conditioning unit for testing, diagnosis or repair.

  • Operate the greasing system for testing, diagnosis or repair

  • Operate the cooling fans (at reduced speed) for testing diagnosis and repair

  • Operate hydraulic stairways on a disabled machine