Dump Trucks

  • Raise the tray of a disabled truck to allow transmission change or other repairs in the under tray area such as hoist pump replacement, trans pumps etc torque convertor.

  • Changeout of hoist cylinders

  • Release rear wheel (wet) brakes for towing or for diagnosis and repair functions

  • Operate steering system for towing of a disabled machine or for repair operations involving front suspension or steering components. Using the 2 circuit unit allows for controlled release and application of the brakes and simultaneous control of the steering whilst towing a disabled dump truck. As a consideration, the HPU could be mounted on the tow bar (A frame) assembly, allowing the hoses to be connected to the truck during towing and using the cordless remote control, positive steering and brake control outside of the vehicle. Remote operator could be in an LV along side or in the towing machine cabin